Talisman hamsa, The Hamsa Hand

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  • Talisman hamsa, The Hamsa Hand
  • Talisman hamsa, The Hamsa Hand
  • Talisman hamsa, The Hamsa Hand

Talisman hamsa, The Hamsa Hand

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The hamsa hand or hamesh hand (Hebrew) is an old and still popular apotropaic amulet for magical protection from the envious or evil eye. The words hamsa and hamesh mean "five" and refer to the digits on the hand.

Hamsa Hand, Hand of Fatima, Amulet of Hamsa are all the names of a strong talisman made in the form of a palm with the symbols depicted. The amulet not only brings lucky charm for business and money, but also protects a person from negative influences. The hand of luck can be hung in the house, can be carried with you, can be placed at work, which in career has always been a success. The palm is often depicted on the body in the form of a tattoo.


5.5 * 7 cm, brass
Composition: Metal
Package size: 0.1 cm × 6 cm × 7 cm
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