Nikitin’s Squares. Unique Wooden Puzzle

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  • Nikitin’s Squares. Unique Wooden Puzzle
  • Nikitin’s Squares. Unique Wooden Puzzle

Nikitin’s Squares. Unique Wooden Puzzle


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Nikitin's Squares is one of the most exciting and powerful methods for developing the intellectual potential of kids. This game can help children feel more confident in math, physics, geometry and maybe just life in general.

Some assignments can be completed by a one year-old, and some assignments can be difficult even for parents!

Besides the puzzle aspect, you can also encourage your child to find the same geometric shapes, define a trapezoid or isosceles triangle. Also you can lay out logical chains by color or shape. To make the game more challenging, mix together a few sets and have a Nikitin's squares party! The sky is the limit with this game!


Each puzzle consists of 12 divided squares.
Size: 21 x 29 cm (8.4 х 11.4")
Materials: wood
Ages 3+ years.
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