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Semechki Sunflower Seeds.
  • Organic Premium Sunflower Seeds
  • 500gr
  • Roasted Seeds

The best Sunflower Seeds semechki. Semechki from Martin are a great snack for all ages, and they give popcorn a run for its money when it comes to choosing a snack for the movie time. Sunflower seeds are great for any time and any place!



INGREDIENTS: Sunflower seeds and salt.

The useful properties of sunflower seeds have been known to people since ancient times, this is a valuable food product, due to the high content of many vitamins, trace elements and amino acids that are well absorbed in the human body, while the seeds are nutritious and high in calories.

The composition of sunflower seeds includes such useful vitamins as E, C, D, B vitamins, as well as trace elements: phosphorus, zinc, copper, selenium, potassium, magnesium iron.

Regular consumption of sunflower seeds ( semechki ) favorably affects the human cardiovascular system.

Semechki have powerful antioxidant properties, help to remove toxins, waste and other harmful substances from the human body.

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