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Khokhloma is one of the oldest Russian folk crafts. She is still loved for her unique patterns and harmonious color combination. The main colors used in the Khokhloma painting belong to the warm gamut of the spectrum: red, black, gold. The traditional elements of Khokhloma are rowan and strawberry berries, flowers and leaves, birds, fish and animals.

Painted products manually, without preliminary marking, thanks to this, each product is unique, and the pattern is different each time from the previous one.

Khokhloma painting is a unique phenomenon in world culture. This style of painting wooden dishes is originally Russian, nowhere else in the world is repetitive.

Khokhloma is one of the types of Russian folk art, which has been preserved and makes us happy today. We are buying the “golden” Khokhloma cup today, not because it is necessary in the kitchen. She charms us with the nobility of form, the grace of painting. For this beauty, we sort of free the thing from the performance of its direct function and put it on the shelf as an interior decoration.

Khokhloma dishes can be used for serving, it does not lose its appearance from cold and hot food. Original dishes made of wood and kitchen utensils with Khokhloma painting.

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