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Декоративные яйца
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Faberge eggs

Want to feel like part of the Russian imperial family? Wealth, luxury, and that's all?


A century and a half ago, the workshop of Carl Faberge made an Easter egg as a gift for the Empress by imperial order. The egg so shocked the imperial couple with its grace that Faberge received the rank of a court jeweler and constant orders from the court.

The first Easter egg marked the beginning of a series of unique and charming jewelry. And the expression "Faberge Eggs" has become associated with the most sophisticated style jewelry.

For the imperial court, Carl Faberge produced 54 eggs. About 43 have survived to this day and they are all in state museums or private collections.

But this is absolutely not a reason for frustration!

Faberge egg replica

Only for you, Colibri has prepared its own unique collection of replicas of the famous imperial Easter eggs!

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All products are made of gilded brass, enameled by hand and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Each egg, like the original from Faberge, has its own "secret."

Touch the luxury of the imperial house - buy any Faberge egg you like!

Russian eggs

" Peter Carl Faberge, also known as Karl Gustavovich Faberge, was a Russian jeweler best known for the famous Faberge eggs made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials. He was the founder of the famous jewelry legacy House of Faberge. " - Wikipedia

Choose your unique souvenir from a wide range of imperial eggs replicas in our shop.

Faberge egg price

How much is a Faberge egg worth today

The cost of a Faberge egg varies based on how ornate it is and how old it is. The most recent one to be sold was at a cost of 9.58 million dollars US. These are very rare and very collectible. The first imperial Fabergé egg dates back to 1885, when the Russian Tsar Alexander III commissioned a gift for his wife, Empress Maria Feodorovna, for Easter. They were Easter gifts for their wives and mothers, and are called the 'Imperial' Fabergé eggs. The House of Fabergé made about 50 eggs, of which 43 have survived. They come from House of Faberge in Russia and can cost up to 28 million dollars US.

Пасхальные яйца

Хотите чувствовать себя частью Российской императорской семьи?

Полтора столетия назад мастерская Карла Фаберже по императорскому заказу изготовила пасхальное яйцо в подарок для императрицы. Яйцо настолько потрясло своим изяществом императорскую чету, что Фаберже получил чин придворного ювелира и постоянные заказы от двора.

Первое пасхальное яйцо положило начало серии уникальных и очаровательных ювелирных изделий. А выражение «Яйца Фаберже» стало ассоциироваться с украшениями самого утонченного стиля.

Для императорского двора фирмой Карла Фаберже было изготовлено 54 яица. Порядка 43-х сохранилось до наших дней и все они находятся в государственных музеях или частных коллекциях. Но это — совершенно не повод для расстройства!

Только для Вас «Colibri» подготовила свою уникальную коллекцию реплик знаменитых императорских пасхальных яиц!

Коллекция реплик императорских яиц Фаберже

Все изделия изготовлены из позолоченной латуни, эмалированы вручную и украшены кристаллами Swarovski. Каждое яйцо, как и оригинал от Фаберже, имеет свой «секретик».

Прикоснитесь к роскоши императорского дома — купите любое понравившееся яйцо Фаберже!