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Traditional Russian gifts

What are traditional Russian gifts? Russian gifts are not only souvenirs that will decorate your home or workplace, but also many different household items that can be regularly used in everyday life. Here is a large catalog of Russian gifts.

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Russian gifts

Russian gifts

Colibri - an online retailer of authentic, hand-crafted Russian gifts and souvenirs. We have a great selection of Russian gifts.

For everyone who candidly wants to surprise their colleagues, friends and family, we at Colibri, offer you an amazing selection of stylish, original, and even exclusive gifts from Russia.

Why are people looking forward to the holidays? They dream that family and friends will give them something amazing, evoking vivid emotions.

It's easy to come up with a creative gift - just look into our online store of Russian gifts. He offers 500 creative ideas for congratulations! It is easy to find gifts for men and women, collectors and book lovers here. The Colibri online store contains the best gifts for all occasions: russian christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for russian friends!

What to give to russian friends? - Russian Gifts

What associations arise when you hear about souvenirs from Russia? Matryoshka, Balalaika, Orthodox Icons, Birch Bark Gifts, Khokhloma, Gzhel, USSR Gifts?

Russian souvenirs are known to the whole world. They are incredibly popular, and giving them is very fashionable now.

An original personalized mug or spoon with russian names is an inexpensive souvenir that can be presented along with something more meaningful.

Russian Gifts and Souvenirs. Russian Souvenirs Magnet. Russian souvenir Mugs. Russian Telnyashka T-Shirt. Famous Russian Ushanka. Imperial Style Jewelry.

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