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Telnyashka (Тельняшка)
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Russian telnyashka

There are many interesting holidays in Russia, and there is such one - the birthday of the Russian telnyashka, which is celebrated on August 19. Although it is not yet official, it is very popular in Russia. It is especially widely celebrated in St. Petersburg, where enthusiasts celebrate it as their own tradition. A telnyashka (also known as a vest) - a striped shirt (hence the name), which is worn by soldiers of many countries as a uniform, but only in Russia has it become a special symbol, a distinctive sign of real men.

The telnyashka appeared during the heyday of the sailing fleet in Brittany (France), presumably in the 17th century.

The vests had a neckline with a “boat” and sleeves in three quarters and were white with a dark blue strip. In Europe in those days, striped clothes were worn by social outcasts and professional executioners. But for Breton sailors, according to one version, the vest was considered happy clothing for the time of sea voyages.

Telnyashka has a great advantage over other body shirts. Tightly fitting the body, it does not interfere with free movement during work, it retains heat well, is convenient when washing, and quickly dries in the wind.

Russian striped shirt - navy shirt - telnyashka shirt

This type of light marine clothing has not lost its significance today, although sailors now rarely have to climb guys. Over time, telnyashka shirt came into use in other military branches, although in few places it is an official part of the uniform. Nevertheless, this item of clothing is used in the ground forces, and even in the police.

In the summer, thin sleeveless telnyashkas are designed for military personnel, there are also winter warmed telnyashkas made of thick cotton knitwear with fleece, and so on. “Fishing” (double knit without fleece, most practical in use, especially after the first wash, and warmer than with fleece).

What does the color of the stripes mean on Russian military jacket:

  • black: submarine forces and marines, подводные силы и морская пехота;
  • cornflower blue: presidential regiment and special forces of the FSB, ФСБ;
  • light green: border troops, пограничные войска;
  • light blue: airborne, ВДВ;
  • nettle: Ministry of Internal Affairs, МВД;
  • Orange: МЧС.