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Traditional Russian clothing

When talking about traditional Russian clothes, most people represent a woman in an embroidered shirt, kokoshnik and sarafan.

In central Russia, clothing consisted of a shirt, sundress and apron. The headdress was a kokoshnik and an ordinary scarf. Fur coats were often found in the northern regions.

In Russia, the national costume always had features depending on the region and was divided into casual and festive. From national clothes one could understand where a person came from, to which social class he belonged. In the Russian costume and its decoration was laid symbolic information about the whole race, about his studies, customs and family events.

Features of Russian clothing

1. The outfit was multi-layered, especially in women. On a shirt they put on a spare ponev, from above a "zapon" or an apron, then an apron.

2. All Russian clothing was loose fit. For convenience and freedom of movement, it was supplemented by rectangular or oblique inserts.

3. All costumes of the Russian people had a common mandatory element - a belt. This piece of clothing was not only used to decorate or hold clothing. Ornaments on the belts served as a talisman.

Curious facts about the Russian clothing:

  • A sundress is not an original Russian, but an Iranian word. Means "fully dressed."
  • There was a festive, casual and work Russian clothes, wedding suits
  • Traditional Russian clothing inspire western couturiers

Russian traditional clothing

Currently, the fashion for traditional Russian clothes is undergoing a rebirth. There are many things that were familiar to modern man only from old books and fairy tales. Along with peasant costumes, popular in Russia, the traditional clothes of the ancient Slavs are often used, which served as a prototype of all Slavic costumes of a later time.

Russian clothing

The Russian folk style of clothing did not remain in the past, like other ethnic trends. Fashion designers introduce bright elements into modern costumes and release Russian style collections.

Одежда и аксессуары в русском стиле

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