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Russian & Foreign fairy tales

Russian fairy tales

In Colibri russian bookstore, you may buy online the most famous russian fairy tales and russian folktales for kids. We offer a rich collection of traditional russian tales. Every book has nice and colorful illustrations. Children will enjoy reading our books.

We ship worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

Russian fairy tales

Russian bookstore Colibri has a wide range of kids' traditional russian fairy tales.

In Colibri russian bookstore you may buy online the most prominent russian fairy tales and russian folk tales.

Every book has great full-color illustrations, some of them are illustrated by the famous painters, such as Yury Vasnetsov, Aleksey Reypolsky, Anton Lomaev.

These great, prominent and favorite russian tales have been read by all children of different ages.

The classic russian tales with gorgeous illustrations will be a book for everyone: for little babies, for toddlers, young kids and teenagers.

It is very important for russian-speaking children know their Russian culture and traditions. The russian tales and folk tales are part of Russian culture. That's why we bring for your children a rich collection of prominent russian tales

Russian folk tales

Russian folk tales - this is one of the oldest forms of storytelling, which in the simplest and most playful way tells children not only about the world around him, but also about the manifestations of both the best and the ugliest. General statistics tell us that Russian fairy tales are of interest to children only until school age, but it is these tales that we carry in our hearts and even in a slightly modified form we pass them on to our children. After all, it is impossible to forget about Masha and the Bear, the Ryaba chicken or the Gray Wolf, all these images help us learn and understand the reality surrounding us.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a Russian folk tale that has fascinated children and adults for centuries. It shows the story of a girl left without a mother. When her father remarried, her stepmother decided to lime the girl and sent her to the forest to one of her relatives. Who she turned out to be, whether the girl will be able to return home, and who will help her in this, read together with the children in a fairy tale. She will teach them to be attentive, cautious, courageous, to sympathize with the grief of others and to rely on their own strengths in difficulties.

It is probably difficult to find a person who does not know from childhood who Baba Yaga is. You probably know her as an evil insidious old woman, witchcraft and deceit always interfering with good people.

“According to Russian Tradition, the image of Baba Yaga is associated with legends about the hero’s transition to the other world (The Fifteenth Kingdom). In these legends, the Baba Yaga, standing on the border of the worlds, serves as a guide that allows the hero to penetrate the world of the dead ”* (kill the Serpent Gorynych or destroy Koshchei the Immortal in order to return (free) his bride (country), due to the performance of certain rituals.

In pre-Christian times in Russia, the image of Baba Yaga was completely different.

She was considered a caring shore. The name "Yaga" is due to the coarsening of "Yashki", i.e. "foot and mouth disease", namely the progenitor of all living things, once living on earth. The word “ancestors”, close to him, has come down to our days - an ancestor. Baba Yaga, according to this theory, is the progenitor, a very ancient positive deity of the Slavic pantheon, the guardian (if necessary - the warlike) of the genus and traditions, children and near-home (often forest space). The chicken legs of the hut actually sounded like "chicken legs", which in different interpretations can be perceived as dusty (curly) or as supporting legs of the same "chicken", the designation of the hut entrenched in Ukraine and some southern regions of Russia.

There is also a version that under the Baba Yaga the goddess Makosh is hiding. During the adoption of the Christian religion by the Slavs, the old pagan deities were persecuted. In the people's memory there were only deities of a lower order, to which Baba Yaga belongs.

During the Christianization of Russia, it was necessary to eradicate the pagan beliefs of the people, and therefore pagan gods and deities, spirits, including those protecting people (coasts) were given evil, demonic features, ugly appearance and character, evil intentions.

Tales about Baba Yaga

Tales about Baba Yaga are amazing works of the Russian people. They have a lot of different storylines, but the common thing in such tales is one: a colorful character. She acts as a teacher of young and immature children. When the children break the parental order, Baba Yaga abducts or traps children. But the tales of Baba Yaga are not as terrible as it seems at first: she never ate a single child. It is her heroes who understand the value of elders' advice, obedience, family traditions and devotion to family.

Русские сказки

Закройте на минуту глаза и перенеситесь назад, в детство.

Помните огромный мир, полный тайн? Помните, как побыстрее хотели стать взрослым? Помните эти строки:

У лукоморья дуб зеленый;
Златая цепь на дубе том:
И днем и ночью кот ученый
Всё ходит по цепи кругом..

А продолжить дальше можете? :)) Понимаем - взрослая жизнь, заботы, не до сказок.

А есть ли место сказке в жизни Вашего ребенка? Знает ли он про ученого кота, про дядю Степу или доброго доктора Айболита?

Сказки - мост, который связывает внутренний мир ребенка с реальностью. Загляните в Colibri. Количество детской литературы здесь поражает воображение. Сказки, стихи, рассказы. На любой возраст и жанр.

Читая детям сказки или детские рассказы, Вы не только скрашиваете досуг ребенка. Вы формируете его личность:
✔ Расширяете словарный запас
✔ Развиваете воображение и творческое мышление
✔ Закладываете основы морали
✔ Учите понимать окружающий мир

Russian & Foreign fairy tales
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