Russian children's bible

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Online bookstore Colibri offers different editions of the Russian Bibles for children. Each children's Bible has full color illustrations and adapted translation for kids.
Also, in our store you may find out Russian children's stories

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Russian children's Bible

The Bible is the greatest book in the world. This is a main book in the Christianity.

The Russian children's Bible is adapted specially for children. The Old and the New Testaments have a simple language. The Bible's stories became understandable for young readers.

Children's Bibles are full-color illustrated. The nice and gorgeous illustrations will bring a child to that historical period of time. People, places, and events of the Bible will alive.

Definitely, the child will enjoy the interesting stories and pictures.

Colibri bookstore offers a Bible, which were published with the blessing of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Russian children's stories
Russian children's bible
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