Children's encyclopedias

Children's encyclopedias in Russian

In Children's Encyclopedia in Russian and atlases, small readers find many interesting and fascinating, incredible and mysterious, cognitive and important. In such books, inquisitive children will necessarily get answers to all their "what, why, where, how, when?".

Children's atlases and encyclopedias / детские энциклопедии / develop an outlook, memory, help in preparing for school classes, choosing a hobby and even a profession! They are written in an accessible language, printed on fine paper and equipped with beautiful illustrations.

Sit the restless child for viewing pictures and interesting articles, and soon you will ask him questions about everything in the world!

Traveling to explore the world, what could be more interesting ?!

Unfortunately, not always we can throw everything - work, household chores, taking a care of a child and go "where the eyes look ..." As well, that a large selection of literature from scientific publishing houses, allows us to obtain the necessary information without leaving home.

Illustrated atlases "OCEANS", "UNIVERSE", "GEOGRAPHICAL OPENINGS", "ANIMAL WORLD", "ANATOMY OF HUMAN", etc., as well as various books on the "Children's Encyclopedia" enable your child to supplement his knowledge.

These books help the child to become a versatile person who is in harmony with himself and the world.

Children's encyclopedias
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