Fairy tales and poems

Russian children's poems

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The online bookstore Colibri has a rich collection of poems for kids in Russian language for kids of all ages. The poems of Alexander Pushkin are the bestseller. Also, Colibri bookstore offers to buy poems of Alexander Pushkin in English.

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Russian children's poems : Pushkin, Chukovsky

The online store of Russian books "Colibri" has a rich collection of poems for kids and toddlers in Russian language for all ages.

You will find the famous poems of Alexander Pushkin, poems for kids written by Andrey Usachev, Agnes Barto, Samuil Marshak, Korney Chukovsky.

Poems for children of Joseph Brodsky, Fet, Tyutchev, Yesenin.

Each book contains bright and full-color illustrations.

The online bookstore "Colibri" offers a large choice of books with Russian folk tales, and the famous nursery rythms of foreign authors in Russian translation.

Fairy tales and poems
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