Russian books for babies

Russian children's books

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Russian children's books

In the last century, specialists in child psychology proved that children perfectly perceive, assimilate and memorize information. Therefore, it should be kind, helpful and good, agree?

Where to get this? Communication and books. Let's separate: you take on communication with children yourself, and the bookstore, "Colibri", will take over the children's books.

Instilling an interest in reading in children, you guarantee them an active life full of knowledge and hobbies. Russian children's books - an effective way to learn about the world. After all, a child not only listens to the instructive stories, but the books also improve memory, develop motor skills, and teach letters, numbers, and colors.

The bookstore, "Colibri", a huge selection of children's literature in Russian from the best writers. Good Russian children's literature not only helps kids develop rapidly, but also teaches many things like friendship, justice, respect.

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Children's literature in Russian

Colibri bookstore has special offers for you to purchase russian books for babies. The books for infants will help foster an interest and love of the Russian language in children at a very young age. Russian workbooks

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Russian Books for babies

Every person knows about the importance of reading to children begins at birth.

Online bookstore Colibri has a huge variety russian book for babies. You will find a board book for babies with fairy tales and books for early learning. You may buy online pop-up books, lift the flap books, feel and touch books.

You will find Russian fairy tales, lullaby, and poems for little kids such as "The round bun", "The little house", "The turnip", "The three bears", "Masha and the bear" and etc.

Colibri bookstore has a rich collection of the first books for babies in Russian are illustrated by Yury Vasnetsov.

Books from this series with colorful and bright illustrations will help attach the babies' attention to reading and develop their interest to the book.

Russian books for babies
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