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Russian authors

Russian authors are writers who have created works in Russian, regardless of nationality, citizenship and place of residence. This page presents the best books of classical literature, among them there are many books of great Russian writers.

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Классическая литература
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Исторический сентиментальный роман, $20,00 - $29,99, Твердая книги в США. Исторический сентиментальный роман, $20,00 - $29,99, Твердая купить в США Книги: Исторический сентиментальный роман, Цена: $20,00 - $29,99, Обложка: Твердая

Russian authors

Famous russian literature authors

Russian literature

Russian literature is literature created in Russian since the eleventh century.

Russian classical literature

Russian classical literature of the 19th century is Russia's greatest contribution to world culture. Russian Literature enriches our knowledge of life.

Russian classical literature was created by the best writers from different parts of Russia. Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky were born in Moscow, Chernyshevsky in Saratov, Shchedrin in Tver. Poltava region in Ukraine - the birthplace of Gogol, Podolsk Province - Nekrasov, Taganrog - Chekhov.

Three great classics, Tolstoy, Turgenev and Dostoevsky, were absolutely dissimilar people, had different fates, complex characters and great talents. They made a huge contribution to the development of literature by writing their best works of literature.

Mikhail Lermontov is another classic that combines romanticism and realism in his work.

Gogol introduced a critical direction in literature. His main work Gogol considered Dead Souls. The works of Gogol had a strong influence on the work of the authors of subsequent epochs: M.Ye. Saltykov-Shchedrin, A.N. Ostrovsky, M.A. Bulgakov.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov - Russian writer, playwright, prose writer, classic of Russian and world literature. Author of more than 300 literary works of various genres. The artistic creativity of Chekhov had a great influence on literature and theater of the 20th century. His dramatic works, which have been translated into a large number of languages. For the first time in Russian literature, Chekhov, in his stories, vividly demonstrated the image of a provincial man, devoid of any outlook, thirst for action, good aspirations, need for action.

Russian authors

Famous Russian authors

Five Russian authors were awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature - this is I.A. Bunin, M.A. Sholokhov, B.L. Pasternak, A.I. Solzhenitsyn and I.A. Brodsky.

  • Ivan Alekseevich Bunin - laureate in 1933. The prize was awarded to "For the strict skill with which he develops the traditions of Russian classical prose." Bunin received an award, being in emigration.
  • Boris Leonidovich Pasternak - the winner of 1958. The prize was awarded "For significant achievements in modern lyric poetry, as well as for the continuation of the traditions of the great Russian epic novel." This award is associated with the anti-Soviet novel “Doctor Zhivago”, so under the conditions of severe persecution, Pasternak is forced to abandon it. A medal and a diploma were presented to the writer's son, Evgeny, only in 1988 (the writer died in 1960).
  • Mikhail Alexandrovich Sholokhov - laureate of 1965. The prize was awarded to "For the artistic power and integrity of the epos about the Don Cossacks at a crucial time for Russia."
  • Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn - laureate in 1970. The prize was awarded to "For the moral force with which he followed the immutable traditions of Russian literature."
  • Joseph Aleksandrovich Brodsky - laureate in 1987. The prize was awarded to "For comprehensive creativity, imbued with clarity of thought and passion of poetry." The Brodsky Prize no caused such contradictions as many other decisions of the Nobel Committee, since Brodsky by that time was known in many countries. He himself in the first interview after awarding him the prize said: “Russian literature received it, and a citizen of America received it”.

Here you can find the best works of Russian literature. Catalog of books of Russian poets and writers online.

Russian classic literature

Russian classic literature: Nothing can compare in importance with a classic work

Russian classic literature is of great value for world culture and is considered to be the benchmark of writing skills. Reading classics, we completely immerse ourselves in another era, delve into the ideas, thoughts and moods of not only an individual, but an entire people.

Not for nothing is the classics taught in school literature classes. Classical literature teaches you to think, read between the lines and analyze what you read. It contains the experience of previous generations.

It is always relevant. Classical writers in their work create fascinating scenes and catchy images of heroes, reflect the feelings, emotions and problems that a person faces in hundreds of years.

One of the main features of the classics is, of course, language. Reading in principle helps to improve literacy, and classical literature best of all enhances vocabulary, teaches you to formulate your thoughts beautifully and correctly.

Once people brought a book as a gift. It is now not considered fashionable, but in vain. Nothing can be compared in importance with a classic work that becomes a friend, teacher and healer of the soul.

In this section you can find hundreds of books of Russian classic literature.

Классическая литература

Русская литература: Никакая вещь не сравнится по значимости с классическим произведением

Классическая литература представляет огромную ценность для мировой культуры и по праву считается эталоном писательского мастерства. Читая классику, мы полностью погружаемся в другую эпоху, вникаем в идеи, мысли и настроения не только отдельного человека, но целого народа.

Неспроста именно классику преподают в школе на уроках литературы. Классическая литература учит думать, читать между строк и анализировать прочитанное. В ней содержится опыт предыдущих поколений.

Она актуальна всегда. Писатели-классики в своем творчестве создают увлекательные сюжеты и цепляющие образы героев, отражают чувства, эмоции и проблемы, с которыми человек сталкивается и через сотни лет.

Одна из главных особенностей классики – это, конечно же, язык. Чтение в принципе способствует улучшению грамотности, а классическая русская литература лучше всего повышает словарный запас, учит красиво и правильно формулировать свои мысли.

Когда-то люди приносили в подарок книгу. Это теперь не считается модным, а зря. Никакая вещь не сравнится по значимости с классическим произведением, которое становится другом, учителем и целителем души.

В этом разделе вы можете найти сотни книг мировой классической литературы.