Russian audiobooks

Russian audiobooks

The world of Russian children's audiobooks! Russian audiobooks for kids are a great way to spend time with benefit! Start listening to online masterpieces of world children's literature right now!

Russian children's audiobooks

The best Russian children's audiobooks - helpers in the development and education of the child

Modern children don't like to read! Many parents and teachers are convinced of this, who in their own childhood could hardly be torn away from an interesting book. But in fact, even now, many boys and girls adore reading no less than their older relatives. And if the child is still too young and does not know the letters, or still does not really want to read on his own, the best children's audiobooks will come to his aid. They will not only introduce your child to world literature, but will also help in his upbringing, enrich his imagination, and instill a love of the word. About how important russian audiobooks are for a child's development.

We read, listen russian audiobooks, fantasize

Young generations make literary creations, which they read and listen to, to a great extent make full-fledged personalities with a high IQ. Both paper and sound books help to shape character, make a choice between the right and not so much. They give knowledge, teach to think and fantasize, develop imagination.

When children listen to a text - a fascinating fairy tale, story, novella or short novel - they come up with their own "movie". Each child imagines what the characters look like and the places in which the action develops. Fantasizing in this way, he grows up a gifted, creative person. And perhaps one day he will be able to compose a fascinating story himself.

Why listening to audiobooks is important.

The development of visual imagination, creativity and intelligence are important, but far from the only benefits that audiobooks have for children. Also, works read by announcers or actors help children:

Increase vocabulary. Do not assume that children will learn new words only if they see them printed on paper. Having heard an unfamiliar word, the guys will ask their parents about its meaning.

Develop memory, concentrate attention, perceive a large amount of information by ear, learn to retell what you hear. After listening to a new piece in audio format, children will certainly want to share their emotions with family and friends. And they will try to retell the entire text or its brightest moments in their own words. This will be an excellent training for memory, speech development and communication skills. The kid will learn not to be shy about speaking out loud and expressing his opinion.

Speak beautifully, clearly and correctly. Usually audiobooks are dubbed by professional announcers and artists. Listening to high-quality voice acting, children will involuntarily imitate the correct intonations. They will learn how to pronounce phrases correctly, making logical pauses and putting stress in words where necessary.

Develop artistic skills. If the child includes professionally dubbed books, he may well show acting skills.

And also audiobooks for children instill a love of beauty - the masterpieces of world literature, created at different times by outstanding writers and poets. In addition, classical music sounds in many audio fairy tales. By listening to the works of great composers of the past, the child will develop musicality and aesthetic taste.

And, in the end, children's fairy tales and audiobooks are simply interesting to listen to.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Listening to Russian Audiobooks

Educators and parents often argue about the benefits of russian audiobooks. This format has its pros and cons. We will tell you about the most basic ones.

✅ If a teenager does not read books at all, he will get acquainted with the work at least in audio format.

✅ You can listen on the go, in transport, while washing dishes or taking a bath.

✅ Suitable for children who hear information more easily.


❌ Not equal to reading and does not involve reading. Audiobooks are a separate product.

❌ It is inconvenient to return to some episode. In a paper book, just turn the page.

❌ Do not take notes in the margins or emphasize points of interest.

❌ Do not associate yourself with the hero. When you read the line “I left home” in an ordinary book, you imagine yourself, and when you listen, you imagine the one who dubs the audiobook.

❌ An audiobook requires more listening time than reading a book silently.

In general, there is nothing wrong with listening to russian audiobooks. But remember that this does not eliminate the need to read books in text form. Reading text develops new neural connections in the brain, makes you analyze and reflect.

The main mission of children's literature is the desire to instill in the younger generation a love of reading. Fascinating reading will help you brighten up your free time and learn a lot of new and interesting things. Each piece is suitable for both family listening and personal exploration of an interesting and exciting artistic world.

Russian audiobooks
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