Serving Tray "Poppies", Tagil painting

Поднос Маки Тагильская роспись

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  • Поднос Маки Тагильская роспись
  • Поднос Маки Тагильская роспись
  • Поднос Маки Тагильская роспись
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Serving Tray "Poppies", Tagil painting


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Tagil lacquered metal trays painted with rich colorful flower ornaments represent one of the most famous Russian arts and crafts, Tagil painting, developed in the city of Nizhny Tagil.
The main motif of painting is a flower bouquet of simple composition. Painting is usually made against the black background.
In the world there are no two identical trays with such a painting - each model is unique. The master applies a unique technique of a two-color brushstroke: he takes two different colors on the brush at once, which makes it possible to obtain a voluminous and lively painting.
The product is hand-made.


Product dimensions: 32 cm × 32 cm × 1 cm
Country of origin: Russia
Material: tin