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Mechanical Santa Claus / Механический Дед Мороз

Product Review (submitted on December 2, 2016):
Отличная предновогодняя книга! Некоторые главы немного длинноваты, но ребенок в восторге! Очень сказочная повесть.

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Mechanical Santa Claus / Механический Дед Мороз $73.31. Sven Nordqvist is Swedish artist and writer who became world famous for his books for children. Based on a series of Pettson and Findus removed cartoons, made computer games and created theatrical productions. On the books written by Nordqvist grew more than one generation of children worldwide.

Pages: 116
Language: Russian
Product Dimensions: 220 х 290 mm
Hardcover Современные сказки зарубежных писателей