Carved candles

Carved candles

Carved candles are a unique and inimitable decoration for a birthday or romantic evening. Handmade candles are an unusual and versatile gift for the holidays, for example, New Year, Easter, wedding.

Decorative carved candles

decorative carved candles

Decorative carved candles can be bought ready-made or made at home. Making homemade decorative candles with your own hands will require special equipment and materials. For all its charm, decorative carved candles are quite functional and are applicable as a source of light: especially when creating a romantic atmosphere.

Carved candles are an ancient art based on layering wax and carving patterns on a still warm piece. Carved candles are made from cosmetic paraffin and are completely safe to use. A recess is cut around the wick, thanks to which the carved candles do not melt. The fire gradually descends inside the candle, which gives an incredible visual effect.

Handmade carved candle

Handmade carved candle - a worthy gift with a wow effect! This candle will perfectly decorate your interior and will also be a wonderful decoration for any holiday! Create a festive atmosphere at home for yourself and your loved ones, give it to colleagues or employees, or friends. Be original, surprise with a gift!

Handmade carved candles are an exquisite decoration and a great gift for any occasion.

You can order a candle for yourself or as a gift, for wedding and holiday decoration, we also accept orders for corporate gifts. Candles are an interior decoration and a way to create coziness in the house; a huge assortment of them is on sale, including carved copyright specimens. Each candle is individual, stunning, elegant and cannot look the same. A candle is cut out only with the help of special tools, manually and using a certain technology.

A candle is the most common item found in almost every home. When purchasing such an accessory, the buyer must first of all determine its functions: decorative, aromatic, ritual, etc. Particular attention is also paid to the shape, size and composition of the mixtures. A properly selected candle will take its place in the interior.

Carved candles for sale

If you want to buy carved candles and similar products, we offer you 12 items to choose from, among which you will definitely find options to your taste.

Carved candles
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