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Wool Comforters

Wool Comforters retains heat and can reduce the difference between the temperatures of the body and the air. Such properties of this product will make your sleep peaceful and long. Also, feature of a Comforter made of wool is resistance to deformation. So, your bedroom will always look neat.

Comfortable night rest is a productive day in the morning.

Camel wool comforter

Camels came up with a good way to keep warm.

First, they grew wool with a gender structure, and secondly, they stopped growing in places with a cold climate.

We, humans, are doing easier. Wool does not grow. We collect it from animals and make Wool Comforters.

Camel wool is an ecologically pure product and has been proved for its warmth and durability through the test of nature.

Camel wool Comforters possess a number of features:

✔ Hypoallergenic → Do not cause any allergic reactions. These blankets are suitable for everyone: children, the elderly, allergies, asthmatics, etc.

✔ Hygroscopicity → Perfectly lower humidity. Camel wool blankets can wrap babies without fear of sweating and catching a cold.

✔ Antistatic → No ability to accumulate charge. No matter how much you tinker with camel hair, there will be no unpleasant static discharge.

In addition, camel hair blankets are lightweight, durable and breathable. In general, ideal for a comfortable sleep.
COVER: 100% Cotton.
FILLER: Natural Camel Wool.

Improve the quality of your sleep with a Wool Comforter

It is very important to choose the right comforter for your sleep! Blankets filled with wool are not only cozy and warm but also incredibly light. Thanks to the natural hypoallergenic materials, this blanket is perfect for the most comfortable good night sleep.

A camel wool comforter is a great choice for those who often freeze while sleeping. It will keep you warm on a winter night. Camel wool allows the skin to breathe, providing a comfortable and cozy sleep.

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Wool Comforter
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