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Bed Linen

Tired of the old bedding? Want to change the decoration of a love nest?

Order new bedding set at Colibri:

  • ✓ Natural, does not cause irritation and allergies - 100% cotton. This is even used for children.
  • ✓ Romantic and delicate colors.
  • ✓ Resistant color. It is possible to erase both at 60 degrees and at 90, the laundry will be bright, as with the purchase.

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    Shop for bed linens at Colibri. Bedding sets including duvet covers, quilts, sheets, pillows and more. Find bedding on sale now.

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    Bed linen colors

    It's hard to choose when there are so many colors, patterns, types of fabrics, right?

    Now we will solve this problem together. If the material of the fabric is just a matter of personal taste, then colors play a certain role in the emotional state of a person.

    So, when choosing bed linen in our catalog, consider the colors of the linen:

    Green bed linen- "natural", natural color. Positively perceived by a person. It has a positive effect on sleep and health.

    Red bed linen is a fiery, energetic color. Symbolizes passion, fire, movement. Red underwear is suitable for those who spend their nights not only in a dream.

    Blue bed linen is the color of freshness, wind. Choose this color for hot summer nights. In the heat, such underwear will be comfortable.

    White bed linen is the color of lightness and purity, calmness and peace. The most common color of bed linen for sleeping comfortably.

    Brown bed linen is a color associated with reliability. Sleep on brown linen regardless of sleep time.

    Yellow bed linen is a cheerful, “sunny color”. The color of strength and non-aggressive energy. Sleeping on yellow underwear will quickly restore strength.

    Orange bed linen is a "childish", cheerful color. Lingerie sets of this color are often chosen for children.

Bed Linen
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