Baking Stoneware Pot "Classic"

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  • горшочек для запекания
  • Baking Stoneware Pot "Borisov"

Baking Stoneware Pot "Classic"


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Baking pot "Borisov" does not emit any toxic and harmful substances, so the food is cooked in a ceramic pot absolutely safe.
Clay walls are heated slowly and evenly. Food cooked inside baking pot are juicy, the meat becomes soft, retains all the vitamins and proteins. Preparation of products carried out in its own juice. Adding fat is not required and, therefore, all dishes are not too high-calorie, juicy and tasty.

#горшочки для запекания


Dishes served in clay containers look appetizing and original. Many believe that all food prepared in clay pots becomes charged with the healing fiery energy of the red clay.
The pots can be used for microwave cooking, as they are suitable for all types of ovens. Ceramic tableware should be protected from extreme temperatures (just put in a cold oven). The pots are not suitable for cooking on the stove.

Material: 100% red clay
Capacity: 17 fl oz (500 ml)
Height: 10 cm (4")
Diameter: 10.5 cm (4.1")
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Additional Information

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