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The ushanka hat is famous all over the world. Ushanka is a real classic of winter hats.

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Ушанки (Ushanka)
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Шапка ушанка - шапка зимняя меховая. Шапка ушанка просто незаменима зимой. Это не только позволит вам согреться и защитить волосы, но и сделает ваш образ неповторимым. Эта шапка полностью оправдывает свое название. У нее есть своеобразные "уши". Этот дизайн русской шапки отлично выполняет свою основную функцию - греет зимой. Ушанки можно успешно сочетать с различными комплектами одежды.

What is a ushanka?

Ushanka with a red star - a souvenir for foreign tourists. For the first time, such a russian fur hat was massively used in the white army of Kolchak, during the Civil War in 1918-19. Typically, the officers on the front flap fastened with a cockade or ribbon, but among the rank-and-file composition this insignia was absent.

Subsequently, in 1931 the Red Army took a similar hut into use. In 1934, she appeared in the 9th fleet of black color) and already since 1940 - both in the winter version and in addition to army units, also in the police. The need for such a soviet ushanka arose sharply during the Winter War with Finland in 1939-40. During World War II, the production of earflaps became widespread, but in connection with the situation, it was often made of faux fur instead of sheepskin.

Over time, the fashion for such winter hats gradually spread throughout the Soviet Union. They were even called the Soviet army, because this headdress was very popular among the soldiers of the Red Army and the police in the winter.

Ushanka hat

Today, a ushanka hat is a very popular hat. Especially modern youth fell in love with a ushanka hat. Ushanka is available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes, and the materials used. It can be fur, woolen, knitted and combined, besides various colors and shades. This hat is called “Russian”, and also - a souvenir hat, because foreigners very often buy ushanka for gifts to friends and relatives. In fact, the traditional Russian ushanka hut comes from the Mongolian headdress, which is called malachaya.

Russian hat

The name of the russian hat - ushanka, stuck behind this headgear, thanks to specially set off headphones (ears). Traditionally, they are tied with a braid, ribbon or rope in a raised form on the back of the head or crown, and it turns out that the ears are tied up. Ears can be easily untied and released along with the lapel on the back of the head. With strong gusts of wind, blizzard, snowstorm, blizzard or frost, they will be able to well protect a person’s ears, as well as his chin, cheeks and even his neck.

Genuine ushanka hats

Ushankas are indispensable in frosty and harsh winters.

Ushanka is a great option for a hat for fishermen and hunters in the winter. Such a fur ushanka hat for men, very well retains heat and does not allow cold. Another of its remarkable features is its windproof performance. If you sit for a long time, on ice, on the ground or in hiding, it will be useful, like no other headdress. It will also warm foresters, travelers and photographers.

Ushanka for sale

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