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Amulet bracelet "Peru"

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Amulet bracelet "Peru"


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Bracelet from Peru. Great handmade jewelry in ethnic style.

Shamanistic amulet from Peru.

  • Red tones, like pink ones, will bring success to your life on the love front.

  • Orange tones are recommended for those who are actively exposed to physical activity.

  • The green colors in the amulets on your wrist will help you better make contacts with other people and make new friends.

Amulets in the form of bracelets enjoyed the greatest reverence at all times and among all nationalities. This is explained by the fact that there is a point on the wrist where the heartbeat of a person is heard. Many peoples of the world had a belief that it was enough for an evil person to grab you by the wrist and click on the pulse beat point to take away all your strength and health.
And so the tradition was born of decorating your wrists with various bracelets: they can be either just decorative or possess a certain magical power.
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Diameter: 9 cm
Clasp Type: Without Clasp (Elastic)
Diameter of a bead, mm: 15 mm
Bead Shape: Ball
Handmade Bracelet
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